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    【1月4日】学部讲座:Nanostructure surface passivation and ligand induced surface morphology changes (纳米结构表面钝化与配体导致的表面形貌变化)

    来自: 物理学院       作者:物理学院   编辑:物理学院       时间:2015-12-31

            主 讲 人:汪林望(Lin-Wang Wang)博士,美国加州大学伯克利分校劳伦斯国家实验室资深科学家

            报告日期:2016年1月4日(周一) 10:00—11:30


            报告内容: In this talk, the speaker will present their recent work in studying surface ligand passivation, and the possible surface morphology changes due to ligand passivation. The first system is PbS quantum dot.  The atomistic structure of surface PbS has been studied, and the speaker will show how ab initio calculation can be  used to reveal the surface atomic structure, and the possible surface defect states of such  systems. Another problem  is surface passivation of metallic Pt nanocrystal. The ab initio calculation  explain the mechanism of nanocrystal growth. It turns out that the growth is determined by kinetic process, instead of surface energy.  The third example is CO coverage of Pt and Cu surface. It is  found that such molecule coverage will induce morphology changes, thus will have major influence to their catalytic properties.  Lastly, the speaker will show how GPU calculations can be used to accelerate all the above calculations.


             主讲人简介:Lin-Wang Wang, Ph.D, is a Senior Staff Scientist and the leader of the Computational Material Science and Nano Science Group in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He received Ph.D. and M.A. degree from the Physics Department, Cornell University in 1991 and 1988, and B.S. degree from Shanghai JiaoTong University in 1985. His research interest includes Inorganic Nanocrystals、Semiconductor Alloys, Amorphous and Impurities、Nano Semiconductor Devices、Organic Systems、Surface,Interface,and Inorganic/organic attachment、Elastic Quantum Transports、Carrier Dynamics、Numerical Algorithm and Code Developments. He has published 260 refereed journal papers, including 8 papers published in 《Science》, more than 13000 citations, h-index 52. He received INCITE project award, DOE(2007-2009, 2010-2012, 2013-2015); R&D 100 award(2013), Gordon Bell award(2008) and featured on the DOE Physicists at work website. He is a fellow of American Physical Society (2006), Honorary Professor, Computer Network Information Center, CAS (2013); and Oversea Scientist Excellence Team Award& Oversea Outstanding Young Researcher Award, NSFC(2004). His group website is: http://cmsn.lbl.gov.